stop payday loans


Get Out of Debt! Find out How!

How many debts do you have ?
(including credit cards and other debts)


How fast could you help?
We could help your affairs immediately! Your due payments show up very soon. Our work for you starts the moment our advisor gives you a call.

What are you fees to bring me out of this situation?
We commence the work for you at once without payment, for the time you could start the payment into the plan that we organize for you in a fair amount of time.

My payment is due tomorrow. Can you still help me?
Of course! We commence the work instantly and give advice as to how you should safeguard your money in your savings account, without gettting it debited for the due payment.

Will my plan be accepted?
The regulation for both the state and our industries by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), states that the loan companies have no rights to deny a deal with Debt Management companies. We share a great rapport with a majority of money lender, and as long as we could present a plan to pay the whole amount owed, within your limitations, 95% of the proposed plans are approved. Our team of qualifed and experienced administration officers will make sure that the proposal is re-negotiated if they are not approved.

Could you discontinue the calls from my lenders?
As per the guidelines by the OFT, once our representative starts working with your lenders, all further correspondence will be channelled through us and our team of specialists will deal on your behalf with the lenders.

As per the OFT guidelines, once our appointment has been advised to the lenders in question, all correspondence has to be channelled through ourselves and our specialist team will deal with everything on your behalf.